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In a knowledge society, knowledge forms a major component of any human activity. Economic, social, cultural, and all other human activities become dependent on a huge volume of knowledge and information.

A knowledge society is one that creates, shares and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well being of its people.

It has to do with a society in which the conditions for generating knowledge and processing information have been substantially changed by a technological revolution focused on information processing, knowledge generation, and information technologies.”
Manuel Castells (

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


An information society is a term for a society in which the creation, distribution and manipulation of information has become the most significant economic and cultural activity.

Information society is a Post industrial society in which information technology is transforming every aspect of cultural, political and social life based on the production and distribution of information.
SOURCE: Business Dictionary

An information society is a society in which the creation, distribution, diffusion, use, integration and manipulation of information is a significant economic, political and cultural activity.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Similarities And Differences Between The Libertarian And Social Responsibility Theories Of The Media

Social responsibility theory mainly expects the media to conduct itself in a free environment but yet there is a laid down restriction in the performance of its duty. Social responsibility requires the media in performing its duty to be transparent, regard the ethics and norm of the profession, be accountable for its actions and very objective but operate in a free environment.
Social responsibility gives enough freedom to the media but expect it to act responsibly in its reportage, act as watchdog to the society and censor the information that reaches the society at large.
Social responsibility initially allocated total freedom of operation to the media but later realized that it was creating chaos and anarchy therefore a level of limitation was imposed on the media in its practices. This was to check media practitioners in order not to fall off track and act accordingly.
The libertarian theory believed strongly in the power of unrestricted public debate and discussion to create more natural ways of structuring society. The libertarian theory asserts that all individuals have natural rights no government, community or group can unduly infringe upon or takeaway. The Libertarian also believes in the ability to express dissent, to band together with others to resist laws that people find to be wrong, to print or broadcast ideas, opinions and beliefs.
The Libertarian theory allows the media to operate in a free environment. Media under the libertarian theory publish everything and are not restricted by any law binding binding them. It is independent from the government and recognizes that the public need to be informed on any development that goes on and so no censorship is conducted. The libertarian theory has freedom to access information, not impeded by political or social regulations like censorship and at the same time, there is a press law which protects individual reputation, privacy and moral development of individual or groups.
There are several similarities that exist between the social responsibility and libertarian theories. One of the similarities is the ability to operate in a free environment without being restricted in the performance of its duties. Secondly these theories operate in a democratic society where there is freedom of speech and expression.
Also under both theories all media is privately owned and operate on their own. But inspite of all these similarities there are some differences between these theories.
Even though the social responsibility theory possesses a kind of freedom in the performance of its duties, there is an impediment in a form of code ethics by the government which restricts them in their activities but libertarian theory posse’s absolute freedom.
Another difference is that even though both theories are privately owned the government has greater influence on the social responsibility theory and orders the media on how it should operate but the media under the libertarian theory operate freely without government interrupting.
The libertarian theory gives way for a wide divergent opinion of the public but the social responsibility doesn’t tolerate this.
Finally the media under social responsibility theory has a responsibility to fulfill by setting professional standards with regards to the supply of the information and the truth, accuracy, objectivity and balance of their reportage but the media under the libertarian theory performs no such duties.


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